The Stables - Leather, Oak & Vetiver Grass - 350g Candle


One of my favourites for my own home... think gentle horses, leather saddles and rugged landscapes waiting to be explored.

This is one of our best sellers. Earthy. Masculine. Timeless.

Scent: Leather // Oak // Vetiver Grass

{Large Candle}

  1. 350g of long lasting perfumed wax
  2. Seeded paper (plant in your vessel after the wax has finished - herbs such as Thyme or Oregano will grow from the specialised paper)
  3. Beautifully presented in a linen-look navy box with gold foil sunbursts. 

Weight: 350g // 70+hrs


{Luxe Travel Candle}

Perfumed wax encased in gold metal, wrapped in premium tissue paper and tied with our signature ribbon. 

 Weight: 160g / 25+hrs

Our handmade candles are created using our house blend of premium waxes infused with essential oils and fine fragrances to give you a unique and captivating aroma with a strong scent throw.


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